Fireside Chat

Bun B

60 minsFirst aired 13 Nov 2018
Drew Gurian

The southern rap legend discusses Houston rap, the influence of reggae, the early days of UGK and much more.

Bun B is an American rapper and producer who came up in the southern rap scene through his work with the late Pimp C as the duo UGK (UnderGround Kingz). Starting out together in the late ’80s, Bun B and Pimp C were a formidable force and scored hit records with Jay Z (“Big Pimpin’”), Outkast (“International Players Anthem”) and Three Six Mafia (“Sippin’ On Some Syrup”). After the untimely passing of Pimp C in 2007, Bun B focused on solo material, releasing several studio albums — the most recent was 2018’s Return of the Trill, which features collaborations with fellow southerners Big K.R.I.T., Slim Thug and Lil’ Wayne, and UK road rap legend Giggs, among others. In this Fireside Chat, the southern legend talks about the Texas hip-hop scene, his musical influences, the early days of UGK and making music in the present.


Interview by Matt Sonzala
Written and engineered by Denis Hürter
Produced by Carmen Hofmann

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