Fireside Chat

Circuit des Yeux

60 minsFirst aired 8 Mar 2018
Michael Vallera

Indie-experimentalist Haley Fohr discusses her DIY ethos, the joys of touring alone and the nature of epiphanies.

Circuit des Yeux is headed up by Haley Fohr, an Indiana native who first began putting to tape her dark and experimental folk creations in 2007. The following year her self-produced debut album, Symphone, surfaced via indie outpost De Stijl, which would go on to release two more Circuit des Yeux LPs. While Fohr’s earliest offerings were marked by the prevalence of atonal noise and tape hiss, she’s gradually allowed her vocals and songwriting to come to the forefront. After moving to Chicago in 2012, she jumped into the city’s local music scene, and also began to incorporate additional players on Circuit des Yeux recordings. Her deep and intensely dramatic voice remains in the spotlight, but the music has gotten deeper, even meditative at times. Following 2013’s self-released Overdue album, Fohr linked up with the Thrill Jockey label for her 2015 effort, In Plain Speech. The record saw her drastically change her songwriting perspective from very personal, introspective lyrics toward more universally applicable themes, oftentimes addressing the listener directly. Reaching for Indigo, her most recent and arguably most ambitious LP, came out on Drag City in 2017 and earned acclaim for its gripping combination of epiphanic lyricism and sound experimentations.


Interview by Julian Brimmers
Written and produced by Julian Brimmers
Engineered by Marc Übel

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