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Photo by Ken Andersson

Gustav Eijstes and Nils Reine Fiske of celebrated psychedelic outfit Dungen revisit the band’s career from Swedish countryside origins to taking on the world.

Incorporating elements of ’60s psychedelia, progressive rock, free jazz and instrumental ambience, Dungen is a Swedish outfit headed up by Gustav Ejstes. Oddly enough, Ejstes was an avid hip-hop enthusiast during his teen years, and his resulting love of sampling inadvertently led him to the organic sounds of Swedish music from the ’60s and ’70s. Inspired, he took up instruments and began working toward the first Dungen album, which was released in 2001 via small Swedish label Subliminal Sounds. Apart from a brief detour to Dolores/Virgin for its follow-up, Stadsvandringar, the bulk of Dungen’s output has appeared via Subliminal Sounds, as well as US indie staple Mexican Summer. Ejstes—who sings entirely in Swedish—writes and performs most of the material on the band’s albums, but in the live setting, Dungen exists as a four-piece. The group’s 2004 LP, Ta Det Lugnt, garnered particular acclaim and Dungen continued to tour and release albums through the remainder of the decade. However, following the band’s Skit I Allt album in 2010, Dungen began an extended hiatus, later resurfacing in 2015 with Allas Sak and following it up in in late 2016 with Häxan, an original score to Lotte Reiniger’s 1926 film The Adventures of Prince Achmed, the oldest surviving full-length animated feature.


Interview by Kaline Thyroff
Written and produced by Frank Westerkamp

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