Fireside Chat

Esperanza Spalding

60 minsFirst aired 22 Jan 2019
Lindsey Byrnes

The Grammy-winning sonic sorcerer details her remarkable life in jazz, from bass prodigy to composition and now, sound healer.

Since she picked up the violin at age five, Esperanza Spalding has been intoxicating listeners with her expressive yet technically impeccable vocals, an innate talent for perfecting any instrument she puts her mind to and boundless creativity. Since 2011, she has put out a number of albums showcasing her range, from the classical strings experiment Chamber Music Society to an alter-ego exploration Emily’s D+Evolution, not to mention Exposure, a livestreamed 77-hour recording released as a limited edition. Late last year, the Berklee-educated, multi-Grammy-winning musician released 12 Little Spells, an album that explores the mysticism of the human body and the power of healing — it is accompanied by visuals that highlight specific body parts. In her Fireside Chat, Spalding expounds on reiki’s healing properties, the science of music and the importance of collaboration.


Interview by Harley Brown
Written and engineered by Frank Westerkamp
Produced by Carmen Hofmann

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