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Frankie Knuckles: Journey To The Roots Of House

60 minsRecorded 8 Mar 2016Next Fireside Chat Today at 10:00pm EDT

In the beginning there was Jack – and Frankie Knuckles. The man himself on the very roots of house music.

In the beginning there was Jack – and Frankie Knuckles. Alongside contemporaries Larry Levan and Ron Hardy, Knuckles changed the face of dance music for good with his eclectic DJ sets, reel-to-reel edits, live drum machine stunts and timeless production. Starting out in New York City, Knuckles got raised on a diet of David Mancuso’s hippie-esque Loft sessions, hung out at the Continental Baths and blew up balloons together with Larry Levan at Nicky Siano’s Gallery. From there he got hired by Robert Williams to be at the helm of Chicago’s Warehouse (guess where the term “house music” came from…). The rest is history as they say. Knuckles recorded timeless songs with Jamie Principles, remixed everyone from Jago to Chaka Khan and showed that he can also hold his own with Tears and The Whistle Song. It’s been a few years since his tenure at the Warehouse, but with remixes for the likes of Hercules and Love Affair, Frankie still shows he flexes total control.

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