Fireside Chat

Gazelle Twin

60 minsFirst aired 29 Oct 2018
Courtesy of Anti-Ghost Moon Ray

Theater and wordplay mangled into stark electronics: British composer and producer Elizabeth Bernholz talks pagan rituals, composition and transformation.

Gazelle Twin is the current project of Elizabeth Bernholz, a musician from Brighton whose vision for record and stage is visceral, multi-layered and inquisitive. Inspired by theatrical performance, experimental electronic music, cinema and literature, her albums as Gazelle Twin take on weighty themes: Her 2014 release, Unflesh, dealt with body dysmorphia, miscarriage and euthanasia; 2017’s Kingdom Come, inspired by JG Ballard’s novel, is about the intertwining of capitalism and fascism. Her sound is increasingly nerve-wracking in its power, with acoustic instrumentation wrung-out with electronics and mangled vocals. Drawing on influences such as the Knife, she’s renowned for her live show, where she transforms into an unearthly looking and sounding creature. In 2018, she released Pastoral, a satirical work that brings together English folk history and contemporary British politics. In this Fireside Chat, the artist discusses pagan rituals, cinematic composition and physical transformations.


Interview by Florian Obkircher
Written and engineered by Marc Übel
Produced by Carmen Hofmann

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