Fireside Chat


60 minsFirst aired 25 Jun 2018
Chelone Wolf

Drum & bass pioneer, actor, visual artist, orchestra conductor: Goldie is a living legend who still has a lot to say.

From Rufige Kru’s dancefloor killers to the era-defining album Timeless, Goldie was, is and always will be the global face of drum & bass. Spearheading the Metalheadz label and its legendary east London club night at the Blue Note, the man born Clifford Joseph Price went from childhood care homes to graffiti writing in the Bronx before establishing himself as a foundational presence in ’90s British rave music. Since then he’s found wider fame as an actor in film and TV, and has scored and conducted orchestral works, but he’s also found solace. Recent years have seen Goldie produce music with a reflective tone, and talk about himself with wisdom. Currently living in Thailand, Goldie is a balancing act, working between the drum & bass badman seen by the world and the man named Clifford Price who he sees in the mirror.


Interview by Lauren Martin
Written and engineered by Tobias Jansen
Produced by Carmen Hofmann

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