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Hausu Mountain Label Special

60 minsFirst aired 8 Dec 2016
Courtesy of Hausu Mountain

Freaky folk, psychedelic magic and experimental electronics: Doug Kaplan and Max Allison guide us through their trippy catalog.

A Chicago-based label who wave their freak flag high, Hausu Mountain has grown to focus on releasing endearing, psychedelic-leaning music that merges experimental electronics and folk rock genre tropes. Founded in 2012 by friends Doug Kaplan and Max Allison, their vinyl, cassette and digital output criss-crosses myriad musical styles and gives a home a broad selection of projects - from the otherworldy heaviness of Alexandra Drewchin’s Eartheater project, to Allison and Kaplan’s own outlets The Big Ship and Good Willsmith. Hausu Mountain is a curious creature of a label: more of a welcoming party house with incense and fresh fruit than a high pressure studio lock-in: trippy tendencies weaving together these divergent genres with a developing signature.


Hausu Mountain label heads Doug Kaplin and Max Allison remind us that college radio matters. The two met at Northwestern’s WNUR, where they hosted “Greatest Bits,” a show focusing on video game music.


Max Allison records loop-based electronics as Mukqs.


Doug and Max modeled Hausu Mountain on Ralph Records, the label started by prolific San Francisco art collective and musical group The Residents. RBMA Daily presents a guide to the men in the eyeball helmets and top hats.


Take a listen to Good Willsmith’s Things Our Bodies Used to Have, their critically acclaimed 2016 release on Mexico City-based label Umor Rex.


ICYMI, RBMA’s documentary and radio series Diggin’ in the Carts explores the history and influence of video game soundtracks.


Hausu Mountain is not alone – in the past several years, there has been a resurgence in tape cassette manufacturing and sales.


Interview by Jacob Arnold
Written and engineered by Tobias Jansen
Produced by Carmen Hofmann

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