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Hyperdub: An Oral History

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Courtesy of Hyperdub

Leading bass explorer Kode9 and the extended Hyperdub family tell their story of a decade at the forefront of heavyweight club sonics.

Steve Goodman alias Kode9 and his Hyperdub label have always been moulding the sound of the underground, pulling in plaudits and end-of-year polls from every which way. The label’s come a long way since Goodman’s website of the same name, which combined the latest dutty skanks with mind-bending philosophical excursions and deep dub histories. These days the Hyperdub family forge their own path of bass-heavy bangers, futuristic dancehall-infused sounds, and just plain leftfield electronics corrupting dancers and sound systems around the world. Hyperdub can take credit for bringing the sounds of Burial, Darkstar, Cooly G, Zomby, DVA, and Ikonika to a wider audience, as well as throwing curveballs from producers like Samiyam, Mark Pritchard, Om’Mas Keith, and more. The label has been at the forefront of several rhythmic innovations, from claustrophobic dubstep, to soca-fied UK funky, and the frenetic juke and footwork patterns of pioneers Spinn and DJ Rashad. But aside from the dancefloor, the Hyperdub crew can just as easily take us on a detour into more experimental territory, with the abstract synths of Laurel Halo or the future R&B leanings of Jessy Lanza.


Interview by Hanna Bächer
Written, produced and engineered by Hanna Bächer

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