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New age pioneer and sonic healer Iasos talks about the origins of his paradise music, joining spiritual frequencies with cosmic harmony.

New age pioneer Iasos was born in Greece, and his family moved to America when he was a young boy. He started learning the piano and flute, before pursuing a self-taught education in music. However when he reached 20, he began to hear a new kind of music to what he was used to, what he would call paradise music. After graduating from Cornell in anthropology in 1968, Iasos moved to California and began to create this new music, that he was convinced would have an uplifting, healing, and harmonizing effect on its listeners. With his first album Inter Dimensional Music in 1975, Iasos pioneered what is now known as New Age music, along with his colleague Steven Halpern. By this time, Iasos had recognised the being that was responsible for this river of cosmic music that he was receiving, the being called Vista. It wasn’t long after, that Iasos’ video Crystal Vista spear-headed the New Age multi-media artform, winning him several awards for innovative design in the process. Iasos’ music has been used by such humanist institutions as N.A.S.A., Encyclopedia Britannica, and Lazaris, as well as by numerous therapists, hospitals, clinics and surgeries worldwide. Iasos continues to soundtrack the paradise of heavenly music in the best way he can, with several releases every year, and his multi-media concerts have taken him all over the globe.

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