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60 minsRecorded 23 May 2011Next Fireside Chat Today at 10:00pm EDT

One of the unique craftsmen of electronic music and a true monster of house with some insights and outlooks. The world of Isolée.

Most of the time, people who show originality and individualism would argue that they’re not trying too hard. This might exactly be the case with Isolée. Sitting comfortably between house, techno and electronica, his music often conveys an indefinable dimension and unclassifiable quality that sets him apart from his peers with poise and ease. You will just know Isolée when you hear him. Starting out with a love for synthesizers, drum computers and synth pop in Frankfurt am Main in the 1980s, he stumbled across the city’s club culture and eventually into techno and house. A career synonymous with Frankfurt’s Playhouse label emerged, and tracks such as the timeless Beau Mot Plage and albums like Rest or We Are Monster established Isolée as one of electronic music’s unique craftsmen. Nowadays located in Hamburg, Isolée is part of DJ Koze’s Pampa Records collective with mesmerizing long-players (Well Spent Youth) and tiptop single hits (Taktell).

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