Fireside Chat


60 minsFirst aired 10 Apr 2018
Jos Kottmann

The Glasgow selector tells his multifaceted story, from RBMA alum to one of the most in-demand DJs in the world.

Jackmaster has been involved in underground electronic music since his early teens. Growing up in Glasgow, he joined the legendary Rubadub record shop and swapped his early dance music discoveries, like French pop-house and chart trance, for the elastic, alien syncopations of Detroit techno and Chicago house. His labels Dress 2 Sweat and Wireblock – releasing booty-bass bangers and wobbly electro respectively – joined forces with Rubadub staffer Richard Chater’s Stuff Records in 2010 to become Numbers, and the collective crew has released music by Deadboy, Slackk, Roska, Jamie xx, Mosca, Rustie and Sophie, among many others. As Numbers has grown as a label, party and hub of music activity in Glasgow, Jackmaster has become internationally renowned for his high-energy and playful DJing style — he covers myriad genres, from tough and weird techno right through to electro, house, R&B and disco.


Interview by Florian Obkircher
Written and engineered by Marc Übel
Produced by Carmen Hofmann

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