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Jacques Greene

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ElectronicProfile15 March 2017
Photo by Mathieu Fortin

Montréal’s enigmatic producer discusses the reality of coming up in an interconnected age, how to build a live show and the importance of mistakes.

LuckyMe cohort Jacques Greene is considered one of those producers who’d rather let the music do the talking than get wrapped up in transient fashions and trends. Maintaining a steady output of characterful deep dancefloor burners, Jacques is more concerned with mastering his craft than masterminding any meteoric rise to the top. With his releases on LuckyMe, 3024 and Night Slugs, the Montreal-based producer fused pacey two-step rhythms with breathy synthwork and R&B vocals to create the kind of spangled neon atmospheres that every club worth its salt wants bouncing round the walls. With a steady stream of singles, from his most recent R&B and house crossover Afterglow/You Can’t Deny 12” to the deep techno of “Ready” and anthemic workouts on his Phantom Vibrate EP and After Life After Party, Jacques has a knack for capturing club sonics ahead of the curve. He also knows the importance of keeping the dancers on their toes, and always has some surprises up his sleeve: whether it’s his all analog live set, the launch of his own label, Vase Records, or occasional and perfectly-pitched collaborations with vocalists such as Tinashe and How To Dress Well, Jacques is liable to keep popping up in unexpected places, before many others have twigged.

Interview by Lauren Martin
Written and produced by Samuel Reinhard

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