Fireside Chat

John Carpenter

60 minsFirst aired 19 Feb 2019
Sophie Gransard

The legendary director has spent 40 years perfecting the art of horror and suspense, scoring his filmography with eerie synthesis.

Film director, writer, actor and composer John Carpenter is one of 20th-century Hollywood’s most prolific creators. Born in New York but raised in Kentucky, Carpenter fell in love with western and horror movies at a young age, and this love for dark humor and suspense would come to define his most famous works over the past 40 years: The Halloween series, Escape from New York, The Fog, They Live and The Thing, among many others. A major element of Carpenter’s filmography is his composition work, as he scores most of his original films himself. His style is recognizable for its distinct noir feeling, rooted in eerie keyboard chords and electronic synths. In this Fireside Chat John Carpenter discusses minimalism as a result of musical limitations, collaborations and his approach to music.


Interview by Mark “Frosty” McNeill
Written and engineered by Tobias Jansen
Produced by Carmen Hofmann & Jordan Rothlein

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