Fireside Chat

Kenny Larkin

60 minsFirst aired 23 May 2019
Jeremy Deputat

Debating the art of dance: The pioneering Detroit techno producer and man of many talents details his life in music.

Kenny Larkin is one of the chief innovators of Detroit’s so-called second wave of techno producers. Starting his music career in 1990, after serving two years in the Air Force repairing computers, Larkin returned to Detroit to pursue stand-up comedy — at the same time, he witnessed the birth of a new genre of music at local clubs and was inspired to jump in when he heard Derrick May on the radio. After contributing several tracks (the exquisite “Serena X” and “Tedra,” among others) to successful techno compilations, Larkin was pushed to the forefront of the soulful techno elite — his first album, Azymuth, was released to critical acclaim on Warp Records, and Larkin hasn’t looked back since. In addition to his own productions under various aliases, he’s contributed his melodic sensibility to remix work for Carl Craig, Inner City and Charm Farm, among many others. His work in music has always been interspersed with his parallel passion for comedy and comedic acting.


Written and engineered by Marc Übel
Produced by Carmen Hofmann and Jordan Rothlein

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