Fireside Chat


60 minsFirst aired 3 Nov 2017
Peter Vulchev

Bulgaria’s trailblazing techno performer tells his story, from club kid to critically acclaimed artist.

Strahil Velchev, AKA KiNK, is a Bulgarian producer and DJ who unites the roots and fruits of electronic music with his own live twist. A teenage raver in the early ’90s inspired by acid, techno, hardcore and jungle, he started producing music with modular software synthesizers. Over the years, he’s released on labels like Rush Hour, Macro, Ovum, Mule Musiq and liebe*detail, among others, and has transitioned from being primarily a DJ to a lauded live performer. His live setup is a mixture of dusty analog gadgets and modern digital technology, creating a marked effect on his productions as studio precision gave way to freewheeling jams. After releasing his 2014 debut album, Under Destruction, on Macro, he enjoyed an intense rise to the top – in 2016, he was voted the best live electronic act in the world by Resident Advisor, and in 2017 he returned to the studio to create his second album, Playground, for Gerd Janson’s Running Back label.


Interview by Lauren Martin
Written and egineered by Frank Westerkamp
Produced by Carmen Hofmann

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