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60 mins|First aired 24 Jun 2017Next Fireside Chat Tomorrow at 9:00pm EDT

Nothing but L.I.E.S. with Ron Morelli: An in-depth look at Brooklyn’s outsider dance outfit Long Island Electrical Systems.

Run by Ron Morelli out of Brooklyn, NYC, L.I.E.S. (aka Long Island Electrical Systems) puts out records by tried and tested mad men like Legowelt as well as new school spectacles like Svengalisghost, Steve Moore, Delroy Edwards, and joint ventures such as Two Dogs In A House. Preserving and caring for vinyl culture, the music and ethos of L.I.E.S. equally embraces the politics of Chicago house, punk’s DIY, noise rock, modular synth dreams, smart art school moves and gut reactions. Exciting, refreshing and anything but boring, this is probably the label where the late Arthur Russell or his contemporary equivalent would like to be on. But hear and see for yourself. Nothing but L.I.E.S. with Ron Morelli.

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