Fireside Chat

London Elektricity

60 minsFirst aired 10 Jan 2019
Garry Jones

The Hospital Records cofounder discusses the global phenomenon of drum & bass, and how the spirit of UK dance music powers his work.

London Elektricity is the duo-turned-solo project of Tony Colman, the cofounder of seminal British drum & bass label Hospital Records. What started out in 1999 as a collaboration with fellow label founder Chris Goss, Colman developed London Elektricity as a solo project before turning it into an evolving live band. Inspired by Talking Heads and Devo as much as drum & bass and breakbeat, the band has recorded studio albums and released recordings of live performances, such as the standout Live at the Scala, from 2006. With groovy melodies and a warm, jazz-tinged feel, London Elektricity is one of the most noted live projects in the global phenomenon that is drum & bass. In his Fireside Chat, Colman talks about the early days of Hospital and London Elektricity, the evolution from studio project to live band and how the spirit of UK dance music powers his work.


Interview by Florian Obkircher
Written and engineered by Marc Übel
Produced by Carmen Hofmann

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