Fireside Chat

Mary Ocher

60 minsFirst aired 12 Dec 2017
Sven Serkis

Drawing on the tensions of modern life, the Russian-born musician and multimedia artist creates work that addresses intense struggle.

Born in Russia and raised in Israel, Mary Ocher is a musician and multimedia artist whose work reflects a world of tensions and uncertainties. A conscientious objector in her teens, she refused to join the Israeli army, finding deep discomfort in the presence of violence. After forming her first band in Tel Aviv, she moved to Berlin in 2007 and became integrated into the city’s performing arts scene, where she publishes and performs her own written works, recording solo and collaborative albums. She’s made Berlin her home over the past decade, where she produces and co-directs comedic and documentary films, and has released four solo albums. Her most recent, 2017’s The West Against the People, was produced with H.J. Irmler of krautrock pioneers Faust.


Read the namesake essay that inspired Ocher’s 2017 release _The West Against the People.


Here, Ocher explains the the uncommon but uniquely effective technique of double drumming.


Ahead of her 2017 album, Ocher released Faust Studio Sessions and Other Recordings, a 10” featuring collaborations, covers and experimentations recorded at Faust Studio under the direction of former Faust member, studio head and producer Hans Joachim Irmler.


Interview by Christine Kakaire
Written, produced and engineered by Frank Westerkamp

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