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60 minsFirst aired 10 Sep 2018Next Fireside Chat Sun at 12:00pm EDT
Flavien Prioreau

Berlin’s techno behemoth has taken the city’s underground sound and community values around the world for over two decades.

Modeselektor has always been larger than life. Although Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary could have made functional techno and blended right in with their Berlin peers, the two musicians set out on a distinct path, fusing together elements of hip-hop, techno and electro into an infectiously brawny concoction. Modeselektor’s first decade took place largely under the umbrella of Ellen Allien’s BPitch Control label before starting its own imprint, Monkeytown, and a club-oriented offshoot, 50Weapons. Aside from providing a home for acts like Siriusmo, Howling, Otto von Schirach, Robot Koch, Catnapp and Omar Souleyman, Monkeytown is the primary home for Modeselektor’s own music. In this Fireside Chat, Gernot and Szary share their whole story, from the wonders of the early Tresor parties to teaming up with Bpitch Control and Apparat.


Interview by Vivian Host
Written and engineered by Frank Westerkamp and Roland Dill
Produced by Carmen Hofmann

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