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Moritz von Oswald

TechnoReggae / DubJazz
60 minsRecorded 10 Mar 2013Next Fireside Chat Today at 10:00pm EDT

Version excursion with Moritz von Oswald: The genesis of Rhythm & Sound, Basic Channel, Maurizio and Main Street as told by the man himself.

Bassbins were practically born with Moritz von Oswald in mind. One of the few techno artists who can rightfully claim to have spearheaded a whole new movement, this enigmatic character has been in the shadows behind numerous influential records as a mastering and cutting engineer at Dubplates & Mastering in Berlin. Long before that, he caught a glimpse of the pop star life while being the drummer of one of Germany’s finest new wave outfits, Palais Schaumburg. Von Oswald also co-founded the legendary Basic Channel Records (with Mark Ernestus), whose various releases were somatic echo-chamber washes of minimal techno. As part of the Berlin/Detroit axis, these seminal records are characterized by a 4×4 beat with dub-inflected syncopated synth pads, slowly modulated over time and time again. Under the Maurizio guise the duo produced cult collector platters as well as remixes of artists like Carl Craig that fused metallic delays with shimmering sunshine-coloured reveries, before they moved on to do deep house with their Round One to Round Five series, and eventually reaching dub reggae as Rhythm & Sound. Fusing their interests in dub and techno even further, where Jamaican vocalists sing or speak over stripped-down techno beats and bass, von Oswald and Ernestus created a definitive and monolithic statement until they decided to put the project to a halt, which drove people as crazy as their strict no-interviews-please policy. Amongst many projects that have evolved since, the Moritz von Oswald Trio holds a special position. Together with like-minded artists Max Loderbauer aka NSI and Sun Electric, and Sasu Ripatti aka Vladislav Delay and Luomo, von Oswald uses the trio format to explore the borders between techno, jazz, and contemporary classical music, equally at home with calypso as it is with Stravinsky.

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