Fireside Chat

Organized Noize

60 minsFirst aired 22 Aug 2018
Brian Hall

Dungeon Family masterminds and identity-defining hip-hop artists Ray Murray and Rico Wade talk 20-plus years of pushing boundaries.

Atlanta rap used to follow Los Angeles, New York and Miami’s lead. But when Ray Murray, Rico Wade and Sleepy Brown formed production trio Organized Noize during the ’90s, they offered their city a clear-cut hip-hop identity and instilled hometown pride. Its sound reflects a post-Civil Rights American south, combining live soul (Brown’s father Jimmy was Brick’s lead vocalist and saxophonist) with gritty drum machine production and undeniable hooks. Moreover, if Organized Noize hadn’t formed the Dungeon Family, the multigenerational collective featuring OutKast, Goodie Mob, Killer Mike and Future, Atlanta’s hip-hop scene wouldn’t be as collaborative as it is today. On this Fireside Chat, Murray and Wade talk 20-plus years of pushing regional and genre boundaries, and unexpected global success.


Interview by Christina Lee
Written and engineered by Tobias Jansen
Produced by Carmen Hofmann

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