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Peter van Hoesen

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Camille Blake

Falling in and out of love with techno: the Belgian-born electronic music maverick looks back at his career both on and off the dancefloor.

Born and raised in Belgium, Peter van Hoesen grew up immersed in electronic music, from the cold wave, EBM and new beat that popped up during his childhood to the techno he would discover as a teenager. As the ’90s came to a close, however, van Hoesen shifted away from the dancefloor, embracing more abstract and experimental electronic sounds while producing music under the name Object and running the Foton label. Still, after years away from the genre, he eventually found himself pulled back toward techno, and began releasing music under his own name in 2006. Two years later, van Hoesen started the Time to Express label, which has continued to serve as the primary outlet for his productions. Feeling claustrophobic in Brussels—a subject tackled on his much-lauded 2010 debut LP, _Entropic City_—he relocated to Berlin, and has resided in the German capital ever since. Since then, he’s offered up a flurry of EPs, a second full-length (2012’s Perceiver) and a live album with Tresor (2013’s Life Performance). Apart from his solo work, van Hoesen has also struck up a creative partnership with fellow Belgian producer Yves de Mey: together, the two craft experimental sounds as Sendai.


Interview by Shawn Reynaldo
Written and produced by Frank Westerkamp

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