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Techno’s own masked man with the lowdown on a life between vintage machines and future sounds. Take a trip into the world that red shaped!

Techno’s own masked man Redshape appeared for the first time on infamous Dutch imprint Delsin Records, which kicked him straight into the limelight despite his mysterious outward appearance. Leaving a mark of his own, Redshape’s sound takes in past and present to spit out the future. Respecting the vibe of Detroit as an aesthetic, his releases on labels like Styrax Leaves, Music Man, R&S, the aforementioned Delsin and his own imprint Present are much more than just a down memory lane. Different aspects of electronic music get all molded into one analogue sounding trip that is as much affirmative dance music as it is an enjoyable listening experience. A well-balanced recipe that also mirrors in his remix works and collaborations, as he has noteworthily re-rubbed artists as diverse as Brainfeeder bass-head Martyn or UK electronica pioneers The Black Dog. 2012 saw the release of Redshape’s sophomore album Square on Running Back, showcasing once more that the man behind the mask does evolve drastically with every step he takes. If techno means more than a desperately compressed kick drum to you, you might want to take a trip into the world that red shaped.

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