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Sacred Bones: 10 Year Label Special

60 minsFirst aired 15 May 2017Next Fireside Chat Today at 11:00am EDT
Courtesy of Sacred Bones

Celebrating 10 years of music, from goth-folk to weird punk: Caleb Braaten and Taylor Brode of Brooklyn label Sacred Bones tell their story.

Founded by bushy-bearded, Denver-born punk Caleb Braaten in 2007, Sacred Bones started out releasing scuzzy post-punk records. When fellow record shop nerd Taylor Brode came on board as the general manager in 2010, Sacred Bones teamed up with Secretly Canadian for a distribution deal and the label became a powerhouse for a beguiling style of new Americana – an intricate medley of gothic rock, dream pop, earthy folk and psychedelic soundscapes. Releasing artists such as noise-pop queen Zola Jesus, body horror provocateur Pharmakon, gothic folk singer-songwriter Marissa Nadler, bleak techno powerhouse Blanck Mass, Norwegian storyteller Jenny Hval, psychedelic duo The Holydrug Couple and ragged punks The Men, among others, Sacred Bones has become a label that can twist darkness and light together with a playful sincerity that’s hard to describe, but glorious to get all caught up in.


In this article, Red Bull Music takes a closer look at some of Sacred Bone’s most aesthetically pleasing releases to date.


Here’s that Caleb Braaten-directed Blank Dog music video, which was filmed in Academy Record’s former basement and features an incognito Mike Sniper.


Destruction Unit’s Jes Aurelius has also designed artwork and posters for Actress, Pye Corner Audio, Isaiah Rashad and Parquet Courts, among many others. Check out his signature visuals here.


Uniform’s 2017 release shares its title with 1971 Australian horror film Wake in Fright.


Tilda Swinton provides guest vocals on Jozef van Wissem and Jim Jarmusch’s 2012 release The Mystery of Heaven.


Interview by Harley Brown
Written and engineered by Frank Westerkamp
Produced by Carmen Hofmann

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