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60 minsRecorded 2 Aug 2012Next Fireside Chat Today at 9:00am EDT

A fixture in Berlin’s Hard Wax universe and man behind Equalized, Wax and countless underground techno anthems. Shed in the chat.

Rene Pawlowitz alias Shed is a man of many hats – or shall we say stamps? A fixture in Berlin’s Hard Wax universe, the German producer is quick with the anonymous white label action on his own outfits like Wax, Equalized or the more designed but still disguised Power House label that feature breakbeat rave, gutter house and rocket techno. As much as these releases are surprising and capturing, it’s his oldest and most popular pseudonym Shed that is the root of his sound. Whether on his own imprint Soloaction, on Berghain’s Ostgut Ton or more recently on Modeselektor’s 50Weapons, Shed unifies the scientific approach that is part of Berlin’s techno history with the British hardcore continuum and an eccentric unique edge that is personally his. Whoever says that techno has reached the end of its days, has never heard of Shed.

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