Fireside Chat


60 minsFirst aired 4 Jan 2018
Daniel Sannwald

Diving into the world of his album Value, the London producer talks masculinity, white noise and crafting musical self-portraits.

When grime and post-dubstep were mutating in the 2010s, Visionist emerged as a unique figure. Though the London producer came of age amidst a sea of UK garage and first-wave grime, a big part of what makes his music compelling is his preference for moody soundscapes and white space. First surfacing in 2011, Visionist has released music on labels like Leisure System, RAMP, Diskotopia and Lit City Trax, but in 2015, he connected with PAN in a major way – the abstract outpost issued the debut Visionist LP, Safe, and also tapped him for a new collaborative sub-label, Codes, a reset of his former imprint Lost Codes. Inspired by the physical and mental arc of an anxiety attack, Safe was a self-portrait in sound. In 2017, he released his second album, Value, on Ninja Tune sub-label Big Dada. Furthering his ideas about physical and mental states, Value draws on ideas of gender and power to creating dynamic and challenging sound design.


Interview by Lauren Martin
Written, produced and engineered by Frank Westerkamp

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