Fireside Chat

Yuka C. Honda

60 minsFirst aired 6 Sep 2018
Nathan West

The composer, music producer and Cibo Matto cofounder discusses the NY downtown scene and transcendence through sound.

Yuka C. Honda is a Japanese music producer, composer and performer based in NYC. In the mid-’90s she formed the duo Cibo Matto with Miho Hatori, creating the sound of a full band out of programmed electronics. Cibo Matto went on to release two albums before breaking up in 2001. Honda immersed herself in the contemporary New York downtown scene, working with experimentalists like John Zorn (who released three of her solo albums in the early ’00s on his Tzadik label), Nels Cline, Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon, Boredoms drummer Yoshimi P-We and many others. In 2011, Honda reunited with Hatori, and Cibo Matto released Hotel Valentine in 2014. In this Fireside Chat, the artist discusses her impetus for making music, the NY downtown scene and the art of telling a story through sound.


Interview by Mark “Frosty” McNeill
Written and engineered by Tobias Jansen
Produced by Carmen Hofmann

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