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Factory Floor and Kim Ann Foxman

120 minsRecorded 11 Aug 2016Next First Floor Thu at 2:00pm EDT

UK techno innovators Factory Floor and NYC party-starter Kim Ann Foxman stop by our weekly round-up of what’s new in electronic music.

Both Factory Floor and Kim Ann Foxman have ties to the venerable DFA label, the latter via her time as part of Hercules and Love Affair. In recent years, however, Foxman has struck out on her own, DJing around the world and showcasing her love of classic (and classically inspired) house music while slowly building her own Firehouse label. With a new EP, It’s You That Drives Me Wild, set to drop, she’ll tell host Shawn Reynaldo about her latest endeavors. UK outfit Factory Floor, on the other hand, is still inked to DFA, which will soon be issuing the band’s sophomore album, 25 25. Members Gabe Gurnsey and Nik Void will be popping in to discuss the group’s move toward techno and the pressures of following up their widely acclaimed 2013 debut.

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