First Floor

JK Flesh and Avatism

120 minsFirst aired 1 Feb 2018
Maxwell Schiano

All of the week’s best new electronic releases, plus interviews with renowned shapeshifter Justin K. Broadrick and Italian producer Avatism.

Even during the depths of winter, the weekly deluge of new electronic releases continues unabated. Luckily, Shawn Reynaldo is here every Thursday to sort through the muck and highlight only the finest offerings from the world of house, techno and beyond. This week’s episode features a premiere off the upcoming debut album from Swedish techno supergroup the Empire Line, and also includes conversations with JK Flesh (the techno-minded moniker of Godflesh founder Justin K. Broadrick) and Avatism. With a new EP dropping this week on Pi Electronics, JK Flesh speaks about his prolific nature, his penchant for blurring genre lines, juggling multiple projects at once and what appeals to him about techno. Also joining the program is Milan-based producer Avatism, a cofounder of the Parachute label who’s also one half of the CW/A project. Although his Bad Summer EP is scheduled to arrive this week, he also recently debuted a new moniker, Maenad Veyl, that veers toward the industrial/EBM/noise end of the techno spectrum. Here he speaks about the inspirations behind his latest undertaking and outlines future plans for his various projects.


Produced by Shawn Reynaldo and Jordan Rothlein
Engineered by Oswaldo Terrones

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