First Floor

Mark Barrott and Philipp Gorbachev

120 minsFirst aired 30 Jun 2016Next First Floor Thu 05/30 at 2:00pm EDT

Balearic sorcerer Mark Barrott and Russian techno polymath Philipp Gorbachev join our weekly roundup of new electronic music.

Modern talk of Ibiza often revolves around notions of glitzy, high-priced clubbing, relentless hedonism and boorish music, but Mark Barrott’s life on the white island is nothing like that. With a blissful new album, Sketches from an Island 2, set to surface via his own International Feel label, the UK producer will be dropping by to tell host Shawn Reynaldo about his own Ibiza experience and explain how the island’s pristine natural environs have contributed to his unique musical headspace. Also appearing is enigmatic Russian producer and Cómeme affiliate Philipp Gorbachev, who’s got a new album of his own, Unlock the Box, dropping this week. He’ll explain how love is at the center of this techno-leaning full-length and also shed some light on the forthcoming debut of his elaborate new A/V live show.

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