First Floor

Matrixxman and Marlon Hoffstadt

120 minsFirst aired 26 Jul 2018
Maxwell Schiano

The week’s best new electronic music releases, plus interviews with sci-fi techno sorcerer Matrixxman and rising talent Marlon Hoffstadt.

First Floor always makes a point to highlight electronic music from around the globe, but somehow, we always wind up back in Berlin. This week, two artists from the German capital speak with host Shawn Reynaldo about their latest releases. Up first is American-born techno producer Matrixxman, who discusses the motives behind his new album, The Grid, his obsession with technology and what it was like to work with Depeche Mode. Also joining the program is Berlin native Marlon Hoffstadt, who’s spent the past few years turning out classic-minded bits of house and techno. Here, he talks about growing up in the techno capital of the world and breaks down the new Human Interpretations remix EPs on his Midnight Themes label. Elsewhere, we highlight all of the week’s best new electronic music offerings and premiere a track from the forthcoming album by RAMZi.


Hosted by Shawn Reynaldo
Produced by Shawn Reynaldo and Donelle Kosch
Engineered by Oswaldo Terrones

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