First Floor

The Mover and The Maghreban

120 minsFirst aired 22 Mar 2018Next First Floor Thu at 4:00pm EST
Maxwell Schiano

The week’s best new electronic releases, plus interviews with early rave pioneer the Mover and off-kilter house convert the Maghreban.

Another week means another batch of new releases from across the electronic spectrum, and First Floor is here to help you sort through it all. On this episode, host Shawn Reynaldo highlights all of the best new offerings, and premieres a track from an upcoming EP on Houndstooth by UK producer and RBMA alum Throwing Snow. He’s also joined by German producer and hardcore hero the Mover, who breaks down his long-awaited new album, Undetected Act from the Gloom Chamber, and discusses why he’s returned to the moniker after more than 15 years on other projects. Also popping in is UK artist the Maghreban, a hip-hop veteran who started experimenting with house a few years back. With his album 01DEAS surfacing via R&S this week, he talks about its genesis, his daily production rituals and the effect of his hip-hop past on his current output.


Produced by Shawn Reynaldo and Donelle Kosch
Engineered by Oswaldo Terrones

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