First Floor


120 minsFirst aired 6 Jun 2019
Maxwell Schiano

The week’s best new music and an interview with the fun-loving, London-based Canadian Peach about her rapid ascent and future plans.

In 2019, it often feels like success as a DJ is dependent on an artist’s work as a producer. Yet some manage to break the mold and find their way into clubbers’ hearts without a lengthy Discogs page. One such figure is Peach, a Canadian who relocated to London a few years back and promptly won people over with her bubbly radio presence and predilection toward feel-good party tunes. In fairness, she’s since proven to be no slouch as a producer, as her very first track, “Silky,” was a breakout tune that found its way onto all sorts of best of 2018 lists. Joining us on First Floor for a rare interview, Peach talks about her love of radio, what drew her to London and when we can expect to hear more new tunes. Elsewhere, host Shawn Reynaldo serves up all of the week’s best new electronic offerings and also premieres a track from Berlin techno veteran Redshape off his forthcoming Android Malfunction EP on Delsin.


Hosted by Shawn Reynaldo
Produced by Shawn Reynaldo and Donelle Kosch
Engineered by Oswaldo Terrones

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