First Floor

Sinjin Hawke & Zora Jones and Benjamin Damage

120 minsFirst aired 14 Jun 2018
Maxwell Schiano

Live from Sónar! The latest electronic music, plus chats with club savants Sinjin Hawke & Zora Jones, and UK techno artist Benjamin Damage.

Although First Floor is usually broadcast from Barcelona (after all, it’s host Shawn Reynaldo’s home base), it’s only once per year that the show is broadcast live from the city’s prestigious Sónar festival. 2018 also happens to be the festival’s 25th year, and we’ll take part in the festivities by speaking to a few of the artists slated to perform. Up first is the nomadic, bass-loving duo of Sinjin Hawke & Zora Jones, who will discuss their mind-bending audio-visual show and what’s on tap in the in months ahead for their Fractal Fantasy platform. (They don’t like to use the word “label.”) Also joining the program is UK producer Benjamin Damage, who will elaborate on his deep dive into hardware techno and his upcoming releases for the vaunted R&S label. Amidst all of the Sónar activity, we’ll also highlight the week’s best new electronic music offerings and exclusively premiere a new track off the upcoming Parrish Smith EP on Dekmantel.


Hosted by Shawn Reynaldo
Produced by Shawn Reynaldo and Donelle Kosch
Engineered by Oswaldo Terrones

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