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Alejandro Paz

60 minsRecorded 1 Oct 2014 at “Terabyte Transfer”: in TokyoThis episode is unavailable. Why?

Cómeme’s Chilean house champ Alejandro Paz performs his set of tropical 4×4 gems and street atmospheres. Live and direct from Tokyo.

Alejandro Paz considers himself, above all, an entertainer who believes in the values of original club culture. His sound – deep, thumping house with vocals sung in Spanish or English – is warm, playful and mildly irreverent. Callejero, released through the label Huntleys & Palmers in 2012, incorporates fiery kwaito and cumbia elements, peripheral influences which he later developed in subsequent cuts for the Cómeme label Free and Inside Job, tracks of storming and atmospheric sound, with the feeling of the street sounds of cities like Santiago or Madrid. Alejandro is a music activist with a strong classical background. When he’s not DJing, he’s playing live with the likes of Matias Aguayo, or working in projects like Radio Cómeme, sharing his love for music with everybody.

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