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CFCF and Jean-Michel Blais at Place des Arts

60 minsFirst aired 26 Oct 2016
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French-Canadian pianist Jean-Michel Blais and Montréal’s Grammy-nominated producer CFCF present their debut collaborative performance. Recorded live during the Academy 2016.

Place des Arts hosted a meeting of harmonious musical minds, when French-Canadian pianist Jean-Michel Blais and Grammy-nominated producer CFCF debuted their collaborative live performance. The evening saw the pair interpreting the similarities and differences of their respective crafts, highlighting shared tendencies towards playful minimalism. Jean-Michel Blais began playing piano at age nine, but his original compositions only started to earn wider acclaim in 2016 via debut album II. CFCF has taken a similarly slow-burning path, releasing on 1080p and RVNG Intl. en route to a Grammy nomination in 2015 for his remix of a Daniel Hope performance of a Max Richter violin composition. That formidable skill for re-interpreting classical music was an auspicious sign for what happened at the prestigious Place des Arts, where CFCF created live remixes of Blais’s piano performances.


Photo by Dan Wilton

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