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Dani Shivers at Métriques Synthétiques

ElectronicLive Set
31 minsFirst aired 10 Nov 2016
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The Tijuana-based singer and producer finds the magic in even the thickest layers of fuzzy, reverb-laden synths. Recorded live in Montréal.

There’s a section in Dani Shivers’ record collection dedicated exclusively to witches. But even though the Tijuana-based singer and producer loves the darkness – including horror movies and criminology – her music radiates an almost angelic gleam. Sonically, her closest kin might be the early manifestations of Nite Jewel and Grimes, with pristine songwriting shining through even the thickest layers of fuzz, reverb and synth atmospherics. Dani has been writing since early childhood and it shows – her ear for lyrical hooks and arrangements is just as finely honed as her relationship to ghosts and magic.


Photo by Karel Chladek

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