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James Holden at EMAF

64 minsRecorded 1 Oct 2014 at Liquidroom in TokyoThis episode is unavailable. Why?

Border Community’s founding father lays down a set full of psychedelic techno and translucent grooves. Recorded live at EMAF in Tokyo.

Border Community’s founding father James Holden, who kicked off proceedings with the genre-defying melodic anthem “A Break In The Clouds”, before coming of age with his twisted debut mini-album of next level music-for-dancing-to, The Idiots Are Winning in 2006, is a man of many talents: label boss, trend-setting producer, hugely in-demand monster remixer, and on top of all of this he finds himself at the head of the pack of that very modern breed of DJ. Holden is exploiting new technology to the full in order to bring his unique musical vision to life by brazenly uniting tracks from music’s past and present, regardless of scene or status, confounding the purists and making club hits out of many an unwitting dancefloor virgin. His supreme and unrivalled command of the modern technology available to him allows Holden to go where other DJs fear to tread, consistently pulling off daring mixes on-the-fly which just wouldn’t be possible on a conventional two turntable set-up. And so distinct is the resulting sound that your average conservative dance music night can barely contain it. Having brought his unique take on the club experience around the world, Holden returned with a sophomore album that classified as epic in many ways: 2013’s The Inheritors was a transformative electronic trip through England’s pagan mythology, as well as a bow to his native country’s musical legacy, that created a whole new, psycho-active narrative of its own.

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