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94 minsRecorded 1 May 2013 at Public Assembly in Brooklyn, NYCThis episode is unavailable. Why?

Adventures in machine music: Berlin’s Objekt with a three-hour no-nonsense techno set, captured live at The Bunker in Brooklyn.

Is it a little too perfect that this dude’s last name is Hertz? Maybe just perfect enough? TJ Hertz seems to love letting top-level sounds, moans, synth stabs, and snatches of lyrics swirl around in a classic rave–inspired broth. Objekt’s signature sounds disappear and reappear at irregular intervals, the frequency shortening and lengthening just enough to give you a sense that things are changing. An Oxford grad who writes signal-processing algorithms for spending-money, Hertz understands how to play with what we hear, and gets us to shift attention to exactly the time and space he wants: the early hours on a well-worn dancefloor.

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