Generations with Stacey "Hotwaxx" Hale

Jesse Cory

120 minsFirst aired 21 Oct 2018This episode is unavailable. Why?
Jeremy Deputat

Welcoming a key player in Detroit’s art scene, an advocate who has strengthened the ties between music and visual arts.

Jesse Cory is CEO of 1xRun, a publisher of fine art editions located on Detroit’s east side. For the past four years, Jesse has organized the city’s only annual international public arts festival, Murals in the Market. Tune in to hear Hotwaxx mix it up with the arts advocate and discuss the symbiotic relationship between the visual and musical arts communities in the Motor City. And don’t miss Hotwaxx’s mix of heavy house thumpers that will kickstart the show.


Produced by Conor Anderson
Engineered by Veniece Session

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