Give the Drummer Some

Mike Clark

60 minsFirst aired 19 Feb 2019
Tonje Thilesen

The Headhunters drummer shows that Herbie Hancock is only one side of his decades-long journey from jazz to funk and back again.

Born in California but raised on the road with his drummer father, Mike Clark caught the funky bug at an early age by absorbing different genres of black American music. Through collaborations with heavyweights like Herbie Hancock, Chet Baker and Betty Davis, Clark’s drumming is some of the most recognizable in funk, blues, jazz and soul — the Headhunters’ 1975 track “God Make Me Funky” is a much-sampled, enduring hit because of his playing. In this episode, J-Zone and Clark talk about his childhood, offer techniques and tricks and tell stories about some of his most well-regarded records.


Produced by Jordan Rothlein, Jeff Mao and Ryan Woodhall
Edited and mixed by Ryan Woodhall
Recorded by Nate Odden

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