Headphone Highlights

Anna Meredith

60 minsRecorded 15 Jun 2016Next Headphone Highlights Tomorrow at 12:00am EDT
Mark Kean

The British composer reveals the inspirations behind her dark and playful electronic creations, touching on Moderat, Blur and Philip Glass.

Born in London and raised in Edinburgh, Anna Meredith came of age in the classical music sphere, attending the prestigious Royal College of Music and eventually becoming of the UK’s most celebrated young composers during the the 2000s. Scoring pieces for the BBC and other organizations, Meredith garnered numerous accolades for her work, yet it was her forays into electronic music that truly brought her into the spotlight. By blending elements of contemporary classical—including both acoustic and orchestral instrumentation—with avant-pop, experimental rock and electronic music, Meredith charted a genre-defying course that’s entirely her own. While sharing the stage with artists like James Blake and These New Puritans, Meredith began issuing her dark and playful electronic creations via the Moshi Moshi label in 2012, releasing a series of EPs ahead of her celebrated 2016 debut full-length, Varmints.


Interview by Hanna Bächer
Produced and engineered by Samuel Reinhard

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