Headphone Highlights

BEA1991: Emotional Intelligence

60 minsFirst aired 13 Dec 2018
Florian Joahn

From Brian Eno to Sega Bodega: Amsterdam’s enigmatic avant-pop artist discusses the songs that match her emotional sensibility.

British-Dutch singer and songwriter BEA1991 is blessed with a deeply creative mind and an unbreakable trust in nonconformity. Instead of pursuing a formal higher education, Bea became a full-time artist, teaching herself everything she needed to know as she went along. Generating sizable hype after her debut single “Breadwinner” and the Good Thinking EP, Bea started working with Dev Hynes on his acclaimed Blood Orange project; most recently, she has collaborated with UK producer Sega Bodega and recorded her soon-to-be released solo album. In this episode of Headphone Highlights, BEA1991 explores the emotional connection she has with music that speaks to you on a level beyond intellectual comprehension, from Brian Eno’s wisdom to the phonetic singing of Cocteau Twins and Osborne’s oddball bangers.


Interview by Julian Brimmers
Engineered by Frank Westerkamp
Produced by Julian Brimmers and Carmen Hofmann

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