Headphone Highlights


60 minsRecorded 5 May 2016Next Headphone Highlights Tomorrow at 12:00am EDT

Ohio to Berlin, DFA to proggy synth excursions, jam band spirit to DJ booths: Blondes just do it better. Here’s a selection of fave tracks.

Meeting at Ohio’s Oberlin College and founding their collaboration on a mutual love of (whisper it) jamming and DFA, Zach Steinman and Sam Haar had already been honing their skills in the Brooklyn nightlife and basement studios by the time they released their first record as Blondes on Merok. A series of conceptual records for RVNG Intl. followed in 2011, reflecting their journey towards a sound that, while relying on loops and patterns, allows them to flex their improvisational muscle and work off their mutual love of everything from early German electronic music to Italo sounds and the outer reaches of prog rock.

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