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Elizabeth Herring

LuckyMe affiliate and Toronto house producer Nathan Micay details his inspirations, from UK trance and bass to anime soundtracks.

Bwana, AKA Nathan Micay, is a house producer from Toronto currently based in Berlin. After experimenting with different styles of electronic music, from UK bass and dubstep to trance, his ears piqued with the sound of progressive contemporary house, inspired by producers such as Objekt, Oni Ayhun and Locked Groove. His own music draws from the rhythms of UK rave music, like dubstep and garage, and embellishes them with bright sounds and romantic melodies. After his 2014 breakthrough track “Flute Dreams” was released on Will Saul’s Aus Music, Bwana has gone on to work with labels like Cin Cin, 17 Steps and LuckyMe. The latter put out 2016’s Capsule’s Pride, an album which samples the original soundtrack of Japanese cult anime Akira, and reshapes it into a blend of club and electronica styles. In summer of 2018 Nathan Micay will start releasing a series of EPs, with an album following in early 2019.


Interview by Emma Robertson
Engineered by JP del Mundo
Produced by Carmen Hofmann

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