Headphone Highlights

Dean Hurley: Image and Sound

60 minsFirst aired 21 Mar 2018
Kyle Hurley

David Lynch’s music supervisor selects influential film and TV soundtrack moments, from Taxi Driver and Ghost Dog to Ren and Stimpy.

For more than a decade, American composer, producer and arranger Dean Hurley has operated Asymmetrical Studio, which is acclaimed director David Lynch’s film-dubbing and recording studio in Los Angeles. Hurley has worked closely with Lynch in film, commercial and music projects – most recently as the music supervisor for the latest installment of the Twin Peaks TV series. Hurley also co-wrote and produced four albums with Lynch: 2007’s The Air Is on Fire, 2011’s This Train and Crazy Clown Time, and 2013’s The Big Dream. He’s also produced artists such as Zola Jesus, the Veils, Lykke Li and Dirty Beaches. In this special Headphone Highlights episode Hurley opens up about the film scores and movie soundtracks that have had the most profound influence on his work.


Interview by Saxon Baird
Engineered by Denis Hürter
Produced by Carmen Hofmann

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