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ElectronicBass MusicHosted14 April 2017
Photo by James Peason-Howes

His productions crash the heavy riffs of nu-metal into the boundary-pushing riddims that define London’s Bala Club: Endgame picks sounds that inspire his twisted club machinations.

London-based producer and DJ Endgame is the latest signing to the Hyperdub label with his four-track EP entitled Flesh: a distillation of forward-thinking club music, drawing from genres such as grime, kizomba and dancehall, and converging into the experimental sounds of Bala Club, the collective that Endgame is part of, and is shaping a new underground sound in the capital. Endgame has worked along the frantic club track axis with his self-titled EP for Lisbon’s Golden Mist label in 2015 and last year’s Savage EP on New York’s Purple Tape Pedigree label, and with Flesh the lines are being sharply drawn – or slashed apart, perhaps. Heady machinations of ice-cold riddims, convulsing synths and face-melting vocal samples are executed with glee and originality.

Interview by Julian Brimmers
Produced by Samuel Reinhard

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