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PopHosted06 April 2017
Photo courtesy of Fazerdaze

New Zealand’s hypnagogic heroine Fazerdaze selects dreamy pop and indie rock jams, with harmonies that sparkle in the spring sunlight.

Amelia Murray makes hypnotic bedroom pop with the saturated, nostalgic quality of a Polaroid photo. Picking up the electric guitar at age 14, this RBMA alumna played in bands throughout her high school years and later learned how to record from home, leading to the creation of her current musical project Fazerdaze. A self-professed introvert, her material is prone to moments of Elliott Smith-style melancholy, but it has teeth – loamy, reverbed guitar riffs show the influence of female-fronted bands like Mazzy Star, Sonic Youth and the Breeders. Live, Murray keeps multiple pedals, mics, a laptop and electric guitar all in orbit, layering double-tracked vocals over programmed drums. Her debut self-titled EP arrived in 2014, with the debut album Morningside due in May 2017.

Interview by Arno Raffeiner
Produced by Samuel Reinhard

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