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FIT Siegel: Songs With Words Between Ones Without

60 minsFirst aired 23 May 2016
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Courtesy of Aaron Siegel

The FIT Sound boss picks a selection of influential tracks: From Drexciya and LFO to The Gories and The B-52s.

FIT Siegel isn’t someone who craves the spotlight, but his contributions to dance music in recent years go well beyond his native Detroit. As the head of FIT Distribution – an enterprise he admittedly started up with only a rudimentary level of industry knowledge – he oversees a key node in the electronic music network, effectively serving as a conduit for quality American dancefloor offerings to the rest of the world. Rather than simply selling anything and everything, however, Siegel’s approach to distribution is as carefully curated as the releases on his own FIT label, an imprint founded in 2010 that has brought forth releases from the likes of Marcellus Pittman, MGUN, DJ Sotofett, Anthony Shakir and others. Given his taste, considered approach and respect for those that came before him, it’s no surprise that Siegel has earned the co-sign of legendary Detroit figures like Mike Banks and Omar-S; Siegel actually collaborated with the latter on Tonite, one of his early releases from 2012. That same year, he also teamed up with Gunnar Wendel AKA Kassem Mosse on the Enter the Fog 12”, but the bulk of Siegel’s production has actually been solo. Though he often only turns out a release every year or so, each one feels significant, especially 2015’s Carmine, named by many as one of the year’s best tracks. While ardent fans might long for Siegel to speed things up, praise for his work seems to swell by the day, and he’s under no real pressure to alter his methods anytime soon.


Interview by Ashley Zlatopolsky
Produced and engineered by Samuel Reinhard

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